Become a professional

Our coding bootcamps are structured, 100% online programs designed by industry experts to help you become a top coder.

Evolving syllabus

We will guide you from fundamental concepts all the way to full scale implementations and challenge you with dozens exercises and projects.

Responsive Mentoring

We offer online classrooms, private 1-on-1 mentoring, and a social platform to ask questions and collaborate with other students.

Career Guidance

We help you research the job market, improve your resume, leverage social media's network effect, and prepare for technical interviews.

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Who we are ?

We are Nomadevs, skilled developers and passionate trainers. Our mission is to supply tech talents tο the world. With our expertise in online courses, we endeavour to provide top quality coding education to help individuals to succeed. By joining us, you will learn:

  • How to think like a developer
  • How to code like a developer
  • How to earn money like a developer
Learning as a Service

Our Education Solution

We have created an innovative Learning as a Service (LaaS) training system. Nomadevs LaaS provides a more flexible learning schedule with material that is easy to consume and accessed from anywhere. It is specifically designed to provide solid theoretical and practical skills in state-of-art topics.

It includes written textbooks, coding examples and solutions, live classroom with trainers, personal and group assignments. All knowledge obtained is certified by successfully passing our tailor-made exams.

Forget Traditional Lecturing

Our Training System is Unique

You gain access to our modern online platform, where you can read curated written material, participate in immersive live classrooms, socialize with other students, and monitor your learning progress.

Constant Learning

Weekly Schedule


Learn new syllabus by reading curated material at your own pace.

Live Classroom

Live classroom with experienced trainer to explain syllabus and answer any questions. All sessions are recorded so you can watch them as many times you want.


We will assign you hundreds of coding exercises where you will utilize all the concepts you learn from the syllabus. After all, practice makes perfect.


Social Learning

Interact with your trainers and other students using the Social Learning feature of our platform. Post your own content - such as source code, videos, audio clips and screenshots right from within your laptop or phone. You can mark a post as a question inviting answers from peers. Trainers can intervene and call out the correct response, making the post valuable for all.

Be Agile

Modern Tools

Along with the technical skills, you will acquire practical knowledge of the most important tools used by companies worldwide. You will use Git & GitHub for source code versioning and collaboration, Azure Pipelines for implementing continuous integration and continuous deployment, Azure Boards to plan and track work using Kanban boards, backlogs and other agile features and Microsoft Teams, the de facto tool for team collaboration.


Get Certified

When you complete any course, you will a Certificate of Completance. Furthermore, when you complete all courses in a coding bootcamp you gain access to our certification exams. Upon successfuly passing the exams you gain a Certificate of Achievement. All certificates can be shared with your professional network to help you kickstart your new career.

Get Hired

Personalized Career Building

We help you maximize your job search success by showing you how to research the job market, review and improve your resume, teach you how to leverage social media's network effect, and prepare you for technical interviews.

Resume Review

Our mentors will help you improve your resume to ensure it conveys your skillsets effectively and help you stand out from the crowd.

Social Profile Review

Setup and polish your LinkedIn profile to increase exposure to recruiters and get job leads. Unify your social media accounts to build a reputable online precense.

Job Market Research

Learn to research your local job market for open positions and salary expectations. Analyze which positions are most suitable for you by understanding your strengths.

Technical Questions

Almost all software engineer position interviews will involve technical questions. We will train you on common technical questions and give you tips on how to deliver the qualities an interviewer looks for in technical interviews.

Interview Training

We will help you develop concise and effective personal summaries from your qualities and experience, which will be your conerstone during introductions. We will train you on behavioral questions, and conduct mock interviews with structured feedback.

Portfolio Project

A portfolio project is likely the main talking point for you when you attend job interviews. It is where you will convey your knowledge and capabilities to potential employers.

Coding Bootcamps

Our coding bootcamps are complete technical training programs that teach state-of-art programming skills that employers look for. They can be combined with Personalized Career Buidling to maximize your chances of landing a new job.

Fullstack Development

Fullstack developers are the Swiss Army knife of the code world. Having that title means you can produce end-to-end solutions hosted in the cloud, which is a highly marketable and agile skillset.

  • Starts 16 November 2020
Data Science

Data scientists are a new breed of analytical data experts who have the technical skills to solve complex problems – and the curiosity to explore what problems need to be solved.

  • Starts 16 November 2020

Individual Cources

Our courses are small modules focused on specific subjects. They are ideal for students who are interested in a certain part of the syllabus.

Frontend Development with HTML and CSS

Create well-structured, appealing and responsive static websites with HTML and CSS.

  • Starts 16 November 2020
Advanced Frontend Development with JavaScript

Add rich interactivity to your website with JavaScript, the programming language of the browser.

  • Starts 14 December 2020
Object-Oriented Programming with C# & .NET Core

Master the popular open source framework and create powerful applications that run everywhere.

  • Starts 08 February 2021
Handling Data with Entity Framework Core

Manage complex databases with Entity Framework Core.

  • Starts 09 November 2020
Fullstack Development with ASP.NET Core

Create powerful web applications that run on the cloud.

  • Starts 30 November 2020
Programming with Python

Learn how to create programs with Python, the definite programming language for data science.

  • Starts 16 November 2020
Data Analysis and Visualization with Python

Extend your Python skills to provide a solid foundation in data analysis & visualization.

  • Starts 11 January 2021
Machine & Deep Learning with Python

Create Machine and Deep Learning models, the technologies that are shaping our everyday lives and the decisions we make.

  • Starts 08 February 2021
Personalized Career Buidling

Upgrade your career with 1-on-1 mentorship on how to effectively search for job positions and nail the interview to get them.

  • Starts Anytime

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