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Handling Data with Entity Framework Core

Manage complex databases with Entity Framework Core.

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  • 4 Weeks
Course Description

There is a mismatch in the way object-oriented programs and relational databases represent data. Entity Framework Core (EF Core) is an object-relational mapper (ORM) that bridges this gap, making it radically easier to query and write to databases from a C# / .NET Core application.

Using crystal-clear explanations and real-world examples, this course teaches you how to access and update relational data from .NET Core applications.

You'll start with a clear breakdown of Entity Framework Core by learning how to retrieve, add, edit or delete data with few lines of code. Then you'll dive into framework's configuration and discover time-saving patterns and best practices for performance tuning.

Who is this for?

Anyone interested in, planning to learn, or already learning backend development and want to add an asset on their CV or to enhance the effectiveness of programming on their job.

Good knowledge of C# / .NET Core is required. Consider taking course Object-Oriented Programming with C# / .NET Core if you are new to programming.

What is provided to you?
  • Updated syllabus written by industry experts
  • Weekly live classroom with certified trainers
  • Classroom video recordings
  • Assignments and code reviews by mentors
  • Full access to our Social Learning platform
  • Free certicate of completion

We enlist industry experts to plan, author and review our syllabus. It will guide you from fundamental concepts all the way to full scale implementations. It is constantly updated, and you get lifetime access.

Week 1
Querying the Database

You will learn how to create and change a database's structure via EF Core. Next you will learn how to access the database, reading data from database tables.

Create, Update, Delete

Changing data has three distinct parts: creating new rows, updating existing rows and deleting rows in a database table. Create, update, delete, along with read (which is query in EF Core terms) is often shortened as CRUD.

Week 2
Week 3
Configuring EF Core

You will learn how EF Core configures itself when it's first used so that you know where and how to apply any of your own EF Core configurations. We will focus both on nonrelational and relational properties.

Performance Tuning

You will learn how to recognize what needs performance tuning, how to detect performance issues and all the things you can do to improve your EF Core code.

Week 4