Frequently Asked Questions

About Nomadevs

Is there a talented team behind Nomadevs?

Yes. We are a team of programmers, scientists, thinkers and doers from different background connected by a shared optimism that continued learning can discover hidden potentials and cause positive change in the world.

Yes. Nomadevs was formed with a mission to supply tech talents to the the world. With our expertise in online courses, we endeavour to provide top quality coding education to help individuals to succeed. We worked with our startup partners to ensure our syllabus is most relevant to today’s industry. Quality of our graduates is our only measure of success, and we will go the extra mile to ensure students get the best out of our program.

Here's the structure that makes us affordable:

  • Text-based syllabus is cost efficient to write and better for students to learn.
  • Ask questions anytime on our platform. Questions will be also used to improve the syllabus, so we don't expect students asking the same questions over and over again.
  • There is no need for physical spaces. Your lessons, exercises and assignments are all available online.
  • We are not venture backed, so we don't have to be aggressive with pricing to please investors.

Think of us as a platform to maximize your self-learning. The biggest fear of self-learning is that you have no one to guide you. We solve that problem. We guide you on the whole journey, but we don't do a lot of hand holding. So, we can be affordable and effective at the same time.

Learning Online

We have designed our programs keeping in mind the busy schedule of employees and university students. 10 hours per week is the optimal amount of time to invest in your new skills. Of course this varies depending on the person, their studying quality and learning rate.

Yes. Each course is accompanied with written material written by our expert trainers. There are also guided coding challenges and well structured tutorial labs. We may sometimes ask you to watch a few videos or read external articles.

The syllabus is mostly text and image based. Text based syllabus is more suitable for programming as it is much easier to code along. We do add videos for certain topics that is better explained with motion graphics, such as demoing a tool.

More importantly, most programming related documentation and resources are going to be text based in real working environments. If you can't learn from reading, you might find it difficult to continue learning in the future.

Yes, all of our syllabus updates will be available to all students regardless when they start the program.

Yes. You will be learning a range of new skills through online challenges and labs, and produce a lot of work through assignments, projects, providing constructive peer review and self assessments. We believe the best way to learn something is to put it in action.

Our learning style is a lot of doing, practicing and reading. We find this the most effective when it comes to learning coding. We will also ask you to do many things from scratch, so you will actually able to do them after the program.

The content comprises of readings of theories and coding exercises you need to do (and we review each coding exercise you complete as well).

Yes. If you are still reading our FAQs by now, you are determined enough to get started!

No. The course is conducted completely online so you can join from anywhere in the world.

No, we don't typically offer in-person classes unless you are a large business. We deeply believe that online courses are more efficient and effective for learning.

Yes, we provide digital certificates upon completions of our course(s) and program. You will need to successfuly pass our online test.

For the digital certificates, you employer can access them online. You can also export them as PDF files.


Yes. We accept credit card via Stripe on our application form. If you have any questions related to student payments, please email us at

Yes. Full tuition will be payable upon registration. However, we offer instalment plans as well. Installment plans are spread over 6 months for coding bootcamps and 3 months for individual courses.

Yes, we sometimes see failed payments. We use Stripe as our secure payment processor. Stripe accepts and declines credit card payments on behalf of us. You may want to check with your bank to enable online transactions.

Yes. Your credit card should automatically convert the amount into your base currency.

Not yet, but we may enable it in the future.